Meditech Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Advantage

ABPM-05 - Advanced Technology Combined with Simplicity


Are you looking for a quality 24 hour blood pressure monitor at reasonable price? The easy-to-use ABPM-05 is the right solution for you.

ABPM vs. conventional blood pressure monitors

An ABPM blood pressure monitor provides detailed and accurate information on the hypertensive or hypotensive patient’s condition, something which conventional blood pressure (BP) monitors are incapable of. An ambulatory blood pressure monitor offers solution for  long-time BP monitoring. As longer blood pressure monitoring is provided, more recordings can be taken, and real blood pressure values are reflected more precisely by repeated measurements. In addition, a Holter ABPM takes blood pressure measurements outside clinical environment, in this way it allows the identification of people with white coat response. Using an ambulatory blood pressure monitoring equipment is also indispensable to assess the efficacy of hypertension treatment. Moreover, a 24 hour ABPM makes night-time recordings as well and can identify non-dippers, patients, whose blood pressure does not fall at night, which is an indicator of cardiovascular mortality.

24-hour blood pressure HolterWhy to choose a Meditech ambulatory blood pressure monitor? 

Meditech Ltd. offers excellent quality ambulatory blood pressure monitors manufactured in the EU. Our ambulatory BP devices are validated to both BHS (British Hypertension Society) and AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) criteria. These independent clinical validations prove the accuracy and the reliability of our 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor.

Meditech ambulatory blood pressure monitors incorporate the unique stepwise deflation and dual-valve technology, which make a real difference!

Each Meditech 24 hr blood pressure monitor works with stepwise deflation technology. In case of necessity this technique makes it possible to repeat measurements on different blood pressure deflation levels, which results in shorter blood pressure measurements and higher patient comfort.

Maximum patient safety is ensured by the dual-valve technology. Unlike in case of competitor products, double valves guarranty the smooth and safe operation of the device. In each Meditech 24 hr blood pressure monitor an operating valve module and an independent, automatic pressure release valve provide patient safety and comfort as injuries resulting from staying long time under high cuff-pressure is simply impossible.

In addition, unlike many manufacturers who provide 1-year warranty, Meditech gives 2-or optionally 3-year warranty for the main ABP Holter monitor.

Holter Software - free installation and update

24 hour blood pressure monitors are sold with independent software packages, which present blood pressure data in a variety of ways. Many manufacturers supply individual software solutions, but Meditech provides the software in 2in1 package, with the ambulatory BP monitoring system, no additional cost arise. Moreover, both EasyABPM and CardioVisions Holter BP software can be installed and maintained on several computers at the same time for free. Our Holter BP software solutions provide flexible morning, day, night and special recording periods, freely selectable BP measurement frequency intervals, key statistics in tabular and graphical format, and a printable 24 hr BP report. Meditech ABPM software is suitable both for busy general practices and research purposes.

Meditech ABPM Holter is used by thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Quick delivery, flexibility and professional support are provided for each customer. We are proud of our international ABPM reference list, which is available on request.