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ABPM blood pressure monitor software both for busy GPs & clinical research purposes

Time-saving ABPM software programs

ABPM devices are sold with an individual software package, which are in most cases neither simple-to-use nor cheap. Unlike other manufacturers, Meditech supplies its ABPM blood pressure monitor software with the ABPM package, therefore no additional cost arise. Working with our software is quick and easy for both busy general practitioners and researchers, as basic data and accurate statistics, charts, histograms, correlations, freely customizable and printable reports are all available.

Meditech software programs Holter ABPM software solutions

You can work with either CardioVisions or EasyABPM blood pressure monitor software. While the sooner can manage all Meditech cardiovascular monitors, the latter operates with ABPM blood pressure monitor only.

Meditech ABPM blood pressure monitor software advantage

1. Single click operation

By only one click you can either load your unique ABPM monitoring plan or by only a few clicks you can define a new one. In this way you can save time if you have any favourite blood pressure measurement settings.

2. Ambulatory blood pressure measurement results in tabular format

Table view makes it easier to compare data. All important data such as systolic blood pressure, dyastolic blood pressure, MAP (mean arterial pressure), pulse, PP (pulse pressure) and other important indexes, such as hyperbaric impact, diurnal index, hypertensive time index is available for all periods included active (day-time) and passive (night-time) data.

 3. Ambulatory blood pressure measurement results in chart format 

Chart view suports visualization. The blood pressure chart contains information on systolic and  diastolic blood pressure and pulse. It shows the time of manual blood pressure measurements, events (for example if the patient has taken medication) and it indicates whether preset pathological ambulatory blood pressure limit values are exceeded. The chart displays all periods, day- and night-time included.

4. Detailed patient information

Name, patient ID, date of birth, gender, age, height, weight, BMI and other information (notes, diagnosis) can be added to the patient's record. Providing such data supports personalization.

5. Freely customizable and printable ABPM reports

ABPM summary report is available with freely selectable content. You don't need to spend your time with analysing blood pressure measurement results and assesing important information about the recordings. You can create your own standard, printable reports by just a few clicks.

ABPM blood pressure monitor software

If you are still not convinced, read more! 10 additional reasons to work with Meditech CardioVisions or EasyABPM blood pressure software

1. Detailed statistics in easy to understand format

Not only systolic, diastolic blood pressure value and pulse is displayed as in case of general home blood pressure monitors, but also such life-saving information as PTE or hypertensive time index, PTD or hypotensive time index, hypertension load, day/night index and morning surge.

2. Flexibility

The software provides flexible morning, day, night and special programming periods and freely selectable blood pressure measurement intervals (in each 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 60 minutes).

3. Freely selectable monitoring period

You can decide whether you want to monitor 24-, 27- 48- or 51-hour ambulatory blood pressure. 

4. Export-Import functions

ABPM measurement results and patient data can be exported or imported and sent via e-mail attachement to colleagues or partners to see data even outside clinical environment.

5. Maximum cuff pressure ABPM-05 blood pressure monitor in use

Maximum ABPM cuff pressure can be adjusted to enhance patient comfort especially for hypotensive patients.

6. Multi-language use

The software is available in Croatian, English, Hungarian, French, Polish, Roman, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish and Portuguese.

7. Wide range of operating systems

Both EasyABPM and CardioVisions ABPM blood pressure monitor software can be installed to wide range of operating systems.

8. Cooperation with common clinical management systems

The software makes it possible to attach patient reports to common third party clinical management systems.

9. Use your own logo and header on the reports

The ABPM blood pressure monitor reports are printable and fully customizable: not only the report content, but also the logo and the report header can also be adjusted to your needs.

10. Full 2in1 package

Meditech supplies ABPM blood pressure monitor software with the system, no additional costs arise.