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Do you want to extend your product-line with an OEM 24 hour blood pressure monitor?

Meditech is your outsourced 24 hour ABPM division!

Using a 24 hour blood pressure monitor is becoming popular in general practices as well, because ambulatory blood pressure monitoring provides information that conventional blood pressure monitors are incapable of. Therefore extending your product portfolio with a 24 hour blood pressure monitor is a profitable investment.

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Meditech Ltd. is a reliable and flexible supplier of quality 24 hour blood pressure monitors. We offer freely customizable OEM solutions with quick delivery. As our OEM partner you can count not only with a simple blood pressure module, but also with the whole package: complete branded 24 hour blood pressure monitor with the professional BP managament software. You can save time and money by making Meditech as your outsourced 24 hour BP division! Below you can find 5 reasons why it is worth working with us.

Meditech OEM 24 hour blood pressure monitor advantage

1. Simplicity combined with advanced technology

There are many 24 hour ABPM manufacturers on the market, but only a few of them supplies easy-to-use and accurate monitors. To assess whether the ABPM is accurate or not, an independent validation should be demanded. Meditech 24 hour blood pressure monitor have been evaluated according to both BHS (British Hypertension Society) and AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) protocols.

2. Flexibility and customization

You can use your own corporate design elements: logos, colours and packaging. Our 24 hour blood pressure monitor and its accessories can be branded with your corporate logo to build brand awareness.

3. OEM support

Our team provides instructional or technical materials, installation and service training at no charge. 

4. Quick OEM solutions

Meditech has excellent technology that can immediately be used to find a solution to your problem. We have the expertise and know-how, therefore you don’t have to invest money into costly and time-consuming research and development processes.

5. Complex OEM solutions

You will get not only a simple blood pressure module, but the whole package: a 24 hour blood pressure monitor, accessories and the 24 hour ABPM software.

What does the Meditech OEM package contain?

1. Branded 24 hour blood pressure monitor 

2. ABPM cuff

3. Pouch (carrying case)

4. USB interface cable

5. 24 hour ABPM software

In case of OEM agreements, minimum order quantities apply!