How to use your ABPM-05 ambulatory blood pressure monitoring device

Going through these basic steps will save your time


Using ABPM-05 ambulatory blood pressure monitoring device is easy. Going through the steps below will save your time. Should you have any other questions please read the ambulatory BP monitor FAQ or use our support claim form to get in touch with us.

The device can be programmed either manually or with the software. Blood pressure is taken according to pre-programmed intervals, but the patient can initiate extra recordings or signal any events, for example taking medication, during the 24-hour monitoring session.ABPM-05 BP Holter

ABPM-05 has the following device buttons:

1. Start (triangle): for starting extra recordings

2. Event (heart): for indicating any event occurs during the monitoring period

3. Day/night (moon): for marking the time of going to bed or rising from bed

Programming of the ABPM-05 ambulatory blood pressure monitoring device is possible either with the software or, in the absence of the software and the PC, manually as well.

The below video gives you general information on Meditech ABPM-05 ambulatory blood pressure monitoring device, included the LCD and its segments, buttons, connaction points, battery compartment, manual programming and monitor application.

Manual programming

Manual programming makes it easy to program the ambulatory blood pressure monitoring device without PC and software. The following blood pressure measurement plans are stored in the device memory:

1. First plan: measurements every 15 minutes at day and every 30 minutes at night.

2. Second plan: periods with 20 minutes at day and 40 minutes at night.

3. Third plan: 30-minute periods both day and night.

In each case daytime starts at 6:00, while nighttime begins at 22:00, special session is disabled. Patient data can be selected or created later in the software database.

How to programme your ambulatory blood pressure monitoring device manually?

1. Press and hold 'Start' and 'Day/Night' button at the same time continuously. Measurement frequency of the measurement plans will be displayed after 10 seconds for 3-3 seconds.

2. In order to choose the measurement plan, you should release the buttons while the specific plan is displayed.

Programming with the software

1. Install either CardioVisions or EasyABPM software for your ambulatory blood pressure monitoring device. Holter ABPM technical support is available if you need help or have any kind of queries.

2. Insert fully charged batteries and connect the ambulatory blood pressure monitoring device to the PC with the interface cable supplied by Meditech. Make sure that the red mark on the recorder-end of the cable matches the mark on the device label.ambulatory blood pressure monitoring device with USB connection

3. Start the software (in CardioVisions: select device type), enter new patient data or select patient from the database.

4. Create and send the monitoring plan to the ambulatory blood pressure monitoring device.

5. Apply the cuff to the patinet and place the device into its carrying case.

6. Ask the patient to note any events, symptoms, observations or complaints into the patient diary.

7. After the examination, remove the ambulatory blood pressure monitoring device and the cuff and check out the patient diary.

8. Connect the device to the PC and transfer recorded data from ambulatory blood pressure monitoring device to your database. If the device was programmed manually or from another database, record patient information into the database after reading in data.

9. Analyze the blood pressure profile.

10. Create and print the report.


If you need help, just read the ambulatory BP monitor FAQ or contact Holter ABPM technical support.

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